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Eurocard is more than just a card. We offer a range of payment solutions to suit the unique needs of each company.

Terms and prices

We have the world's most accepted card, with no pre-set spending limit. Ideal for travellers who expect nothing but the best.

The purpose of a travel account is to give you full control over the travel expenses by gathering all business travel related purchases in one invoice.

With e-admin you can easily get an overview and administrate your cards and accounts online. You can decide how much and where the cards can be used.

Our web-based tool give you a quick and clear overview of travel expenses and purchases.

Let go of plastic cards

Increase your flexibility, security and efficiency for online purchases with purchasing solutions from Eurocard.

Purchasing Account Eurocard Single-Use Account

Benefit from digital tools and cut the cost of expense management by up to 60 %.

With the Eurocard app, your company can report receipts digitally – directly to your expense management system. We call it smart receipts!

Book early and save 30–60 % on the price of airplane tickets. And the payment is due when you return home.

Processing an invoice manually takes approximately an hour. With electronic invoicing we can help you to significantly reduce the time required.

With a group and event account the company can centralize all costs for meetings, events or group travel with one supplier.

You don't need to have several local suppliers of payment solutions just because your company is active in more than one country.

We can offer you an overall solutions