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Terms and prices

Price list applicable as of 5.9.2018

Please find standard pricing for some of our corporate services below. If your company is in need of other services or special solutions, please contact us for consultation. 

Book now - pay later 7 € / booked ticket
(For amounts above 25 €)
Price / user 80 € / year
Administration module 400 € / company / year
Flexible limit 260 € / company / year
Statstics in e-admin 260 € / company / year
For your Travel Expense System or ERP integration
Daily transaction files to your Travel Expense System 350 € / year
Monthly matching file for your Travel Expense System 150 € / year
Your company has more than 20 cards Please contact us for more information
Total price transaction file and Smart receipts
Daily transaction files to your TEM-system files incl. Smart receipts 250 € / year
Smart receipts 26 € / per card / year
For your accounting system and/or your reconciliation
EAN invoice 0 €
Your company has more than 20 cards Please contact us for more information
Eurocard Corporate Gold See separate pricelist
Eurocard Corporate Limit See separate pricelist
Eurocard Purchasing Account Payment term 10 days: 50 €/year
Payment term 20 days: 150 €/year
Payment term 30 days: 200 €/year
Eurocard Single-Use Account According to agreement.
For more information please contact us.
Global Data Manager Determined by the amount of cards and users. 
For more information, please contact us.
Travel Account – standard 95 € / per account / year
Travel Account – advanced For more information please contact us
Expense handling in Eurocard Pro 3,5 € per month

General Terms & Conditions

E-admin (pdf) Eurocard Single-Use Account (pdf) Travel Account (pdf) Purchasing account (pdf) Book Now - Pay Later (pdf) Smart receipts (pdf)