Expense management on the go

With our new corporate app Eurocard Pro you can manage your expense reporting whenever and wherever you want. Smooth and easy. Saving your company time and a considerable amount on administration.
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Easier receipt reporting with our app

Never again will you need to feel the stress of falling behind on your expense reporting.

When you pay with your Eurocard, you can easily scan the paper receipt with the mobile camera in the app. The receipt will then be automatically linked to the transaction.

And when you are done with your expense report, you can e-mail it to the right person through the app. You can download Eurocard Pro for free, and your expense reports are sent free of charge the first month you use the service.

Terms and prices

The many benefits of Eurocard Pro – for you and your company

  • 1.

    Smoother expense reporting with paper free receipt management.

  • 2.

    Quick access to balance and transactions.

  • 3.

    Full control of your invoices.

  • 4.

    Smooth currency converter for trips abroad.

  • 5.

    Smart feature for calculating mileage.

  • 6.

    Block your card and order a new one in the app.

Download Eurocard Pro

If you wish to know more about Eurocard Pro, you are welcome to call Customer services or download the app right away.

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