New! Free your company from paper receipts

Make sure that the employees scan and expense report their receipts with our app, and you will reduce costs substantially. We call it smart receipts.

No more tedious paper work

Anyone who has work-related expenses knows what a tedious hassle it can be to report paper receipts. Not to mention the time spent to review the very same receipts and correct mistakes.

With our smart receipts you and your company won´t have to deal with this time-consuming process. With our app, users can scan their paper receipts and automatically have them sent to the company’s travel expense system. It is almost like reporting takes care of itself.

The many benefits of smart receipts

Automatic link between transaction and receipt

Direct connection to the travel expense system

Fewer mistakes, meaning lower administration costs

An easy-to-use tool for reporting and for reviewing

Happier employees

How smart receipts work

  • 1.

    The employee uses Eurocard to pay a work-related expense.

  • 2.

    The transaction automatically appears in the app.

  • 3.

    By clicking on the transaction the camera in mobile phone is activated. When the paper receipt is scanned, a digital version is saved with the transaction.

  • 4.

    The transaction and receipt is automatically filed in the travel expense system.

How to get started with smart receipts

The smart receipt feature with automatic connection to your company's travel expense system, will be introduced in November. But somethings can already be said, about how to implement Smart Receipts.

  • Sign up with us.
  • We will help you to connect your smart receipts with the travel expense system.
  • Inform the cardholders about the new routines when managing paper receipts.

Ask the cardholders to download the Eurocard app and get started.

Reporting expenses will become so much smoother with smart receipts.

Download the Eurocard app here: 

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